I am first and foremost a digital artist, one who seeks meaning and beauty in whatever form it comes in.  I do not define myself in terms of who I am or am not but who I can be.  I've always believed we are greater than stars, for we have the power to create and to become.  Anything our minds first create, we can make happen.  It is a matter of knowing which tools to use, knowing how to use them, and having the vision and the drive to see the work through. I find great joy in not only creating pieces that have particular meaning  to me but also for others.  I can think of no better purpose in life than helping others along their way in whatever ways they need through the use of my gifts.  After all, gifts are meant to be given.

Bachelors of Arts, emphasis in Photography and a Minor in Communications from BYU
“Hi Ho,” won 1st Place Digital Photography award in an International juried contest and was published in Artist Portfolio Magazine.
Personal work in two small group shows at the Harris Fine Art Center
Had work published in UVU Magazine and LDS Living Magazine
"Fruit of the Tree of Life" featured in the Book of Mormon Central's book of KnowWhys 
"Gold Plates" 3D rendering won Honorable Mention in Book of Mormon Central Contest

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